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This page contains links to the lattest Desktop Version of SFEB .Click on the File and follow your browsers instructions. Note that all Common Use Certified versions must be retrieved from the respective Common Use providers. Current Releases for Common Use Sites Are:

SITA CUTE - Ver. 6.15.1

ARINC        - Ver. 7.0.0

RESA           - Ver. 6.15.3

ULTRA        - Ver. 6.15.4



Version 7.0.0 Latest Desktop Certified Version

Patch File


Patch Description

Host.ocx 11-30-09 Must be used if using Version 6.12.2



Correction for reinstating compatibility with Strategy and other applications using the API.

Miscellaneous Files


Description 11/1/06 Zip file containing IERUSB.dll for IER USB support and compatibility
with new versions of PCPCM.exe
Full IER USB Distribution


3/13/08 Full Distribution of IER USB Drivers. Includes Documentation

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